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Which Polar Heart Rate Monitor Should You Buy in 2022? Let's Compare!

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Best Polar Heart Rate Monitor | Should You Buy a Polar H10, H9, or Verity Sense in 2022?

Buy Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

Get Polar's best heart rate monitor chest strap and get your data now or later. Connect to everything with Bluetooth and ANT+.

Buy Polar H9 HRM Chest Strap

Try this affordable entry-level HRM chest strap. The Polar H9 connects to a wide range of devices, including gym equipment.

Buy Polar Verity Sense HR Monitor

Move freely and track every move anywhere, including in the pool, with this super comfortable Polar heart rate sensor for your arm.

Polar Verity Sense Review from Our Partner Dave at Chase the Summit!

Polar H10

The H10 heart rate monitor chest strap is Polar's most accurate sensor to date!

No wonder it's the go-to for anthletes around the globe who want the best accuracy and connectivity.

Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity let you connect this heart rate chest strap to your phone, sports watch, gym equipment ... or use it solo.

And this Polar heart rate strap has internal memory so you can save your session and check out your data when you want it.

Pair it with your Polar watch and get access to even more data and sync it automatically with the Polar Flow app to really hone your workouts and track your progress.

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Polar H10 Price: $89.95

Polar H9

The Polar H9 is the more affordable heart rate chest strap for the same accuracy.

Not only will you get the same high-quality build and reliability out of this chest strap HRM, you also get Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.

The main difference is that this Polar heart rate monitor does not have internal memory.

Also, the battery life on the Polar H10 is 1-2 years while the H9 is right at a year.

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Polar H9 Price: $59.95

Polar Verity Sense

Polar Verity Sense is the heart rate sensor that goes on your arm for maximum freedom and movement.

Like the Polar H10 and H9, this bad boy has both Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, so there's no limit to what you can connect it to, even gym equipment.

And, like with the Polar H10, it has internal memory, so you can see your data in real time or after your workout!

Finally, you can clip this Polar heart rate monitor to your swim googles so you can track your pool workouts.

Maximum freedom and movement, indeed!

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Polar Verity Sense: $89.95

About Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Why have heart rate sensors taken the endurance world by storm?

Heart rate monitoring introduced a new set of metrics to help endurance athletes train at the right intensity level by focusing on their heart rate training zones.

Why are Polar hear rate monitors so popular?

The Polar brand is synonymous with the Gold Standard of heart rate tracking and trusted by users and researchers around the globe.

When you train with a heart rate monitor, you’ll get reliable and accurate data to see how hard your body is working. And Polar has been doing this since 1977.

They're even pros at making heart rate sensors for horses, so they might have the most expert finger on the pulse of this market niche.

Best Heart Rate Monitor for Beginners

When it comes to entry-level heart rate monitors, it's Polar H9 for the win!

It's affordable. It's comfortable. It has Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity plus 5kHz analog signal for gym treadmills/equipment.

No fancy features like internal storage or running efficiency metrics. Just unbox and get going with this straightforward chest strap that's a breeze to use.

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Polar H9 Price: $59.95

Best Heart Rate Monitor Overall

If you're in the market for the best Polar HR chest strap, get the H10.

Over the Polar H9, this heart rate monitor chest strap has internal storage for your workout without needing a device.

You'll be able to see your data in app after your workout and sync it to third-party apps.

It's also got a bit more battery life and dual Bluetooth Smart connections.

Finally, the Polar H10 has grippy, non-slip silicone dots (not on the H9) and a firm buckle to keep the sensor in place.  

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Polar H10 Price: $89.95

Best Heart Rate Monitor for Swimming

The Polar Verity Sense heart rate monitor for your arm has a trick up its sleeve!

It comes with an innovative clip that lets you to attach it to your goggles during swims. Anyone who has used a chest strap for swimming might perk up at this perk!

Plus, it's equipped with a swim mode that tracks heart rate, pace, and distance.

And like the Polar H10, it allows you to record your data even if you’re offline.

In fact, this Polar heart rate sensor provides 16 megabytes of internal memory, allowing you to save up to 600 hours of workouts!

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Polar Verity Sense: $89.95