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PlayBetter reviewer Marc swinging in an indoor golf simulator

Best Golf Simulator 2024: 13 Great Options From $549.99 to $19,999

What constitutes the Best Golf Simulator of 2024? That will depend on several factors like budget, entertainment, game improvement, space ... Our in-house golf reviewer Marc has the detailed outline you need to help guide you to YOUR home golf setup!

There has never been a better time to shop for a golf simulator. With so many innovations recently, more competition driving down prices, and multiple options now available for every budget, we may end up looking back on right now as the golden age of best golf simulators.

The reason the market is on fire is because golfers are realizing how much fun indoor simulator golf is and how many game-improvement opportunities it presents. It wasn’t very long ago that this kind of technology was only available to the wealthy. Now, with choices at every price point, more and more everyday golfers are getting in on the action.

If you’ve been itching to add a golf simulator to your home, you’ve found the right place. We’re going to break down the 13 best golf simulator options of 2024. But before we do, let’s cover a few basics.

What Is a Golf Simulator?

The Bushnell Launch Pro front and center with other launch monitors (image by Ryan at PlayBetter)

You’ll often hear the terms “golf simulator” and “golf launch monitor” used interchangeably. And that’s because they are essentially the same thing, or at least, they work in tandem. To put it simply, a golf launch monitor is the hardware that, either via camera or radar, tracks the golf shots. The launch monitor pairs with golf simulator software, installed on a computer or mobile device, to create the realistic, lifelike experience that has everyone so excited. That’s how you get to play famous virtual golf courses from around the world.

You can operate a golf launch monitor without using simulator software. In that case, you’d still get all of the data that the launch monitor was capable of recording, but you wouldn’t get the virtual on-course experience.

As for the other way around, you can’t use golf simulator software to record shots without also using a golf launch monitor.

So, to summarize and put to rest any confusion, a golf launch monitor is the hardware. And when you pair it with simulator software, you have a full-blown golf simulator for home setup.

What Do I Need for an Indoor Golf Simulator? 

An indoor golf simulator in a room with a high ceiling and a view of a backyard

As you now understand, to put together a golf simulator, you’ll need a golf launch monitor as well as golf simulator software and a computer or mobile device to run that software. How you put those components together will depend entirely on what kind of golf launch monitor you buy.

Some options come with golf simulator software included. With others, there’s an add-on subscription fee to access simulator capabilities. And then there are some golf launch monitors that are additionally compatible with third-party golf simulator software providers.

You’ll know what your simulator software options are when you research the individual golf launch monitor you’re considering. Retailers and manufacturers will typically make that information readily apparent as it’s often a main reason a customer is shopping for this technology.

Beyond the launch monitor and software, you’ve got choices to make when it comes to building your golf simulator room. You can go with a setup as simple as a hitting mat and a hitting net set up in your yard. That might not constitute a dream setup, but it is still a way to play golf at home.

Or you can build an ultimate indoor golf simulator studio, complete with a hitting mat, mounted projector, impact screen, and enclosure with side barriers. even sells turnkey solutions to go along with whatever golf launch monitor you choose. You can get everything you need for your perfect setup all with one transaction.

Golf launch monitors come in one of three varieties:

  • Those that sit to the side of the golf ball
  • Those that sit behind the golf ball
  • Those that are mounted to the ceiling above the hitting area

Your choice of which type of launch monitor setup you choose will likely depend on your shot-tracking preferences and the size of your room.

The advantage of launch monitors that sit to the side of the ball, which typically measure shots via camera, is that they do not need very much room depth. You really only need enough space behind your hitting area so that you don’t hit the wall with your golf club. The disadvantage of these types of monitors is that if you play golf with both righties and lefties together, you’ll need to move the launch monitor back and forth depending on which side of the ball the golfer is standing.

The advantage of launch monitors that sit behind the ball, which typically measure shots via radar, is that you won’t have to move the launch monitor when righties and lefties take turns hitting. The disadvantage is that these types of launch monitors typically require as much as 21 feet of room depth. That’s more space than many people have available for a golf simulator studio.

Golf launch monitors mounted above the ball provide all of the advantages of either type of floor-standing unit. You get the room depth space-saving, and you won’t have to worry about moving anything if you’re playing with both righties and lefties.

Likely, the biggest challenge in finding the perfect indoor golf simulator space is ceiling height. Requirements are going to depend on the height and swing lengths of the golfers using the space. But a good rule of thumb is that you’ll need at least a 9-foot-tall ceiling.

Now that we’ve talked through a few of the setup basics, let’s get to the good stuff of identifying the best golf simulators of 2024!

Most Affordable Golf Simulators

Garmin Approach R10

The Garmin Approach R10 introduced an entirely new class of affordable golf simulators. Since then, several competitors have popped up, but most of them still can’t deliver what this device (only the size of a deck of cards) can do for just $599.99.

To think that you can get a golf launch monitor that includes both ball and club data AND that is compatible with several third-party simulator software packages for this reasonable price would have been considered crazy just a few years ago. The Approach R10 changed everyone’s expectations. Thanks to this product, we all know that we can play simulator golf without a ridiculous budget.

Read our full Garmin Approach R10 review.

Garmin Approach R10 PlayBetter SimStudio™

The Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor on its tripod set up on a Titleist golf ball box in an indoor golf simulator

Swing Caddie SC4

The Swing Caddie SC4 can’t quite compete with the Garmin Approach R10 when it comes to overall data metrics, accuracy, and simulator software compatibility, but it does have the significant advantages of a built-in display for quick and easy numbers and no subscription fees. Not to mention that it costs only $549.99.

The SC4 is compatible with the E6 Connect simulator software. And, for indoor use, even though it’s a sit-behind-the-ball radar launch monitor, it requires 2 feet less room depth than the Garmin Approach R10 and several of the other similar-style products. That could be the difference you need to achieve a successful indoor golf simulator setup.

Learn all about the Swing Caddie SC4 in our dedicated product review.

Swing Caddie SC4 PlayBetter SimStudio™

Front angle view of the Swing Caddie SC4 on a white background with display powered up and showing data

Most Portable Golf Simulator: Rapsodo MLM2PRO

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO is a leading candidate for a number of our Best Golf Simulator categories, including Most Affordable and Best Outdoor. But with its detachable tripod legs and beautiful, sleek carrying case, it’s an easy pick for Most Portable.

Far beyond being just simple to carry, the MLM2PRO belies its diminutive size and $699.99 price as a golf launch monitor that’s a beast of a performer. It’s as accurate as anything close to its price point, and — with an impressive suite of data metrics and two built-in cameras to go along with the Doppler radar tracking — this is a product that can legitimately help you play better golf.

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO launch monitor on a white background (image by Ryan at PlayBetter)

You can put all of that data to use in driving range settings, combines challenges, gamified practice, and golf simulation on courses from E6 Connect and Awesome Golf.

Even better, Rapsodo has proven that they are committed to continuously improving the MLM2PRO.

Learn more about what makes the MLM2PRO one of our favorites in this in-depth review.

And check out how we think the Rapsodo compares to other similarly priced golf simulators.

Best Outdoor Golf Simulators

Foresight QuadMAX

Whether indoors or outdoors, you can’t find a better golf simulator in 2024 than the Foresight QuadMAX. We’ve assigned it “Best Outdoor” because of its awesome portability and built-in touchscreen display to go along with its unmatched accuracy and full suite of data. Those are the same reasons why you see so many tour pros using this launch monitor outdoors on the driving range before their competitive rounds. But the QuadMAX could have just as easily been the Best Indoor Golf Simulator.

The QuadMAX, which starts at $19,999, has revolutionized high-end golf simulation. With features like internal shot storage for more than a billion shots, a customizable touchscreen display, and enhanced swing speed training, it surpasses its predecessor, the GCQuad. Paired with Foresight’s lifelike simulator software, which is included with the purchase, the QuadMAX is the best way to have fun and get better. And it’s the perfect top-of-the-line launch monitor for moving between indoor and outdoor sim sessions.

If you have the budget for the absolute best-in-class golf simulator, this is it.

Check out our complete Foresight QuadMAX review to learn more.

Foresight Sports QuadMAX PlayBetter SimStudio™

The Foresight Sports QuadMAX held in hands over a golf hitting mat

Foresight GCQuad

For $4,000 less, you can get almost everything the Foresight QuadMAX can do with its predecessor, the Foresight GCQuad. No, you won’t get things like the internal shot storage or swing speed training. But you will get the same industry-leading ball and club data accuracy that makes the GCQuad and QuadMAX the go-to device for the best players in the world.

You’ll also get the same amazing Foresight Sports golf simulator software that makes playing virtual rounds either in your indoor golf simulator room or out on the driving range as close to the real thing as any golf product can deliver.

Teaching pros, clubfitters, and the very best players may realize the benefits of the QuadMAX. But most of us will be well beyond thrilled with the GCQuad. You will want for absolutely nothing with this bad boy!

To learn everything you could want to know about the Foresight GCQuad, read our in-depth review.

Foresight Sports GCQuad PlayBetter SimStudio™

Full Swing KIT

Beyond the selling points of 16 data metrics, swing video capability, and impeccable accuracy thanks to its combination of advanced radar technology and high-resolution camera, the Full Swing KIT is super simple to set up and align. That makes it a great choice for out on the range.

The Full Swing KIT even comes with a protective travel case to make the job of transporting it easier and safer.

Another feature that makes it a great outdoor golf simulator choice is the built-in, customizable OLED screen that allows you to get the exact information you want immediately.

This is the golf launch monitor and simulator tested and approved by Tiger Woods! Is there anything else that needs to be said? Case closed!

Full Swing KIT PlayBetter SimStudio

Best Golf Simulators for Most Golfers

Foresight GC3

In between the high end of something like the Foresight QuadMAX and the more affordable end of something like the Rapsodo MLM2PRO is the sweet spot for most golfers. That’s where you’ll find the Foresight GC3, an exceptionally accurate, incredibly portable golf simulator that doesn’t include any annual subscriptions!

Right out of the box and with nothing owed beyond the initial $5,999 purchase price, you’ll be able to play sim golf via Foresight’s industry-leading software packages.

Check out our GC3 review for more information.

Foresight Sports GC3 PlayBetter SimStudio™ 

The Bushnell Launch Pro and Foresight Sports GC3 side by side on a golf hitting mat near some golf balls in an indoor golf simulator

Bushnell Launch Pro

The Bushnell Launch Pro is the exact same launch monitor as the Foresight GC3. Same awesome accuracy and portability. And for the right user, it’s the better choice. That’s because the Launch Pro starts at just $2,499.99. The trade-off is that, as opposed to the GC3, you will need to pay a $499 annual subscription if you want to use this launch monitor as a golf simulator. But golf simulator technology evolves quickly. If you don’t think you’ll own the same launch monitor for several years, the Launch Pro may be a smarter purchase for you.

Learn more about the Bushnell Launch Pro vs Foresight GC3 pros and cons.

And check out our dedicated Launch Pro product review.

Bushnell Launch Pro PlayBetter SimStudio™

FlightScope Mevo+ and Mevo+ Limited Edition

The FligthScope Mevo+ golf launch monitor on a golf course (photo by PlayBetter golf reviewer Marc)

While the GC3 and Launch Pro are our picks for the sweet spot of best golf simulators that sit to the side of the ball, the Mevo+ and its Limited Edition model get that nod for units that sit behind the ball.

If you’ve got the room space (ideally 21 feet of room depth), and especially if you plan to play indoor simulator golf with both righties and lefties together, it’s going to be very tough to beat the Mevo Plus. For one thing, no launch monitor near this price point delivers as many data metrics. And for another, there are no subscriptions!

To max out your golf simulator for home fun, we recommend adding the Mevo+ Pro Package and Face Impact Location software features. Those are included in the Limited Edition model, but you’ll have to act fast as FlightScope is discontinuing that model.

The great news is that they’ve upgraded their standard-edition Mevo+ so that it now includes a package of 12 exclusive sim golf courses—including tracks like Pebble Beach, St Andrews, and Bethpage Black—that used to only be available through the Limited Edition model. That means that you can now get a standard Mevo+, add the Pro Package and Face Impact, and get everything you used to get in the Limited Edition version.

Read about the latest Mevo+ product line updates.

Get all of the information  about the standard edition FlightScope Mevo+ in our review of that product.

And learn more about what makes the outgoing Limited Edition so special in this review.

If you want to see how the Mevo+ stacks up against the GC3 and Launch Pro, don’t miss this comparison.


Best Overhead Golf Simulator: Foresight Falcon

The Foresight Sports Falcon overhead in a golf simulator shining a blue light down on the golf hitting mat

The Foresight Falcon is an overhead golf simulator designed for dream home setups. At $14,999, it’s $5,000 cheaper and half the size of the GCHawk, with the same industry-leading accuracy. Key features include a larger hitting area than with the Hawk, an integrated power supply, and no subscription fees.

Ideal for dedicated indoor use where the golf launch monitor is entirely out of the way, the Falcon captures ball and club data accurately and offers extensive simulator software with 25 courses included with purchase. This product, more than any other, makes commercial-level simulation a reality for home golfers.

If you’re dreaming of the ultimate indoor simulator setup, you’ve got to read our Foresight Falcon review.

Best Price for a Photometric Home Golf Simulator: GolfJoy GDS Plus 

PlayBetter golf reviewer Marc in an indoor golf simulator with the GolfJoy GDS Plus

Check this out! For just $1,890, you can get a ball-data-only GolfJoy GDS Plus that gives you:

  • Total distance
  • Carry distance
  • Roll distance
  • Ball speed
  • Club speed
  • Smash factor
  • Deviation
  • Launch angle
  • Backspin
  • Apex
  • Landing angle
  • Launch direction
  • Sidespin
  • Hangtime
  • Spin rate
  • Spin axis
  • Center line
  • Curve

That’s an incredible list of metrics for the price. Then, for another $1,700, you can add club data that includes:

  • Attack angle
  • Face angle
  • Club path
  • Face to path

But where it really gets good is with the GolfJoy simulator software. The attention to detail — things like tree branches swaying in the wind — is amazing, and the graphics are as crisp and realistic as anything on the market.

The GDS Plus might not be quite as pinpoint accurate as some more expensive devices, but it does provide an excellent and affordable option for playing some really fun simulator golf.

Get all the details in our GolfJoy GDS product review.

Best Golf Simulator Software: SkyTrak+

The SkyTrak+ launch monitor in front of other launch monitors at PlayBetter

The simulator software that accompanies the SkyTrak+ is just, well… fun. Really, really fun!

Everything is presented in a way that is intuitive, simple to use, and geared towards, not just game improvement, but a great time. If you’re putting together a golf simulator room and envisioning buddies coming over for fun simulator rounds or practice sessions, the SkyTrak+ is the perfect way to realize that dream.

Make no mistake, this golf simulator is more than just an entertainment system. It’s a powerful, super-accurate, loaded-with-data, shot-tracking machine! You’ve got challenge modes, skills assessments, a shot optimizer, practice randomizer, bag mapping, a wedge matrix, and more. The app combines these features in a very sleek, professional manner, enhancing the overall enjoyment of using it.

Another big reason the SkyTrak+ is such a great indoor golf simulator is that it excels in third-party sim software compatibility. You get connectivity with TruGolf E6 Connect, the Golf Club 2019, WGT by TopGolf, Creative Golf, Fitness Golf, and Pro Tee Play. This extensive range opens up a limitless array of golf course and gaming possibilities.

Read our SkyTrak+ review to learn more.

SkyTrak+ PlayBetter SimStudio™

The Best Time To Buy a Golf Simulator for Home? Right Now!

Hopefully, this list of best golf simulators shows you that there are excellent options for just about every kind of budget.

It used to be that cost was the biggest deterrent to someone who wanted an indoor golf simulator. Now, with options for as little as $549.99, the most likely limitation is space. But heck, even that is no longer a full-fledged issue, as so many of these devices allow you to play simulator golf outdoors.

Golf simulator technology has gotten so good that if you haven’t experienced it first hand, you’d likely be amazed at how realistic and lifelike playing golf with one of these devices can be. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Yes, you most certainly will get more and better features and accuracy with the most expensive products on this list. But you can have a very good time and discover a ton of game-improvement opportunities without breaking the bank.

Playing golf in your house is no longer something you just dream about. It’s there for the taking. Pick the product that best fits your wants and needs, and head to your virtual first tee.

About PlayBetter Golf Reviewer Marc Sheforgen

Marc Sheforgen is a golf writer whose passion for the game far exceeds his ability to play it well. Marc covers all things golf, from product reviews and equipment recommendations to event coverage and tournament analysis. When he’s not playing, watching, or writing about golf, he enjoys traveling (often golf-related), youth sports coaching, volunteering, and record collecting.

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